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Diary of a Travelling Ukulele Player (part 3) Day 21&22

Theatre at Virginia Tech

Well I'm sitting in the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn, Blacksburg. VA. where we've got a two hour wait for our bus, to travel to Roanoke airport, fly, then get on another plane at Charlotte, NC - to fly back to London!

Sorry readers that I didn't blog yesterday but I forgot - so for a quick recap.  

Two nights ago we were in Hazleton PA which was a strange gig for me.  The reason was that my perception of how we are going down as a band or a show is becoming unreliable- probably a sign that I've been on tour too long!  From where I was sitting (we were a long way from the audience) it seemed as if the audience was indifferent, which was not true according to several friends in the audience:- they were really into it!  Its quite weird when you can't tell these things. 

Anyway the next day we had our day of travel hell, up at 6AM, two flights to get to the next gig.

Our final gig of the tour was at a theatre in the college known as Virginia Tech last night.  We had a beautiful drive here through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, which every Brit knows from the Laurel and Hardy song On the trail of the Lonesome Pine

It was a terrific show to end on and we have all done well and been highly professional.  The theatre at here is very high end with many well know peeps appearing here - Ira Glass, Branford Marsalis etc.  There was also a student massacre here in 2008, which I vaguely remember seeing on the news.

Anyway we played a blinder and went to a local bar afterward to let our hair down, several punters who had been at the show, stopped by to buy us drinks and chat.

Pile of Ukes in the corner of the bar at Blacksburg after our last gig of the tour

So thats it!  I may do some puppet stuff on the airplane on the way home and I may top and tail this tour with a final blog on the train home.  

Either way its been a fun way to pass the time and I hope you've enjoyed the updates.


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