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Diary of a Travelling Ukulele Player (part 3) Day 20

Since we are stuck in a hotel at the side of the freeway and since we have already done a band rehearsal this morning to tighten up the show, I decided that I must get out and go for a walk, rather than be cooped up all day.

Since my wife has also asked me to buy some US cosmetics, I asked at the desk where the nearest shopping mall was, to which the answer was a mile away.  The inference being that we would be travelling by car: when I asked how long it would take to walk, the desk clerk looked at me as if I was insane, or at least deeply stupid and strongly advised me not to make the trip on foot.

Egged on by Will and Jonty who were both chaffing at the bit as well, we set out toward the freeway.

Unlike State Penn (the last place we were at) there was a freeway crossing to get to the other side, but there wasn't a pavement/sidewalk.  This meant that we had to walk along the verges of the motorway like a band of Mexican immigrants, till we managed to get to the mall.  Here's a picture of one of the crossings which you will note is not very much used - truly America is a car culture!

Nevertheless, the trees have started to turn, and it is a wonderful sight - we don't seem to get quite the same colours as they do in America.

Tomorrow is another busy day, an early start, two flights and a concert - I'll see what I can post!



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