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Diary of a Travelling Ukulele Player (part 3) Day 15


We arrived from Albany, NY after an uncomfortable two and a half hour flight, I had swapped places with another Uke to get the aisle seat after being told the plane was completely full.  After an hour I went to go to the toilet and found two rows of completely empty seats which I immediately went and sat in - yeah right, thank you Delta Airlines!

We haven’t really seen much of Atlanta as we are in a Marriott Hotel near to the airport, where we will be for two nights before we move on.  On arrival I immediately went to my room and fell into a deep sleep for an hour.  Having been on tour for almost two weeks now (we fly back home in a week) I am hitting the wall, much like marathon runners do.

I realise that I am way behind with the postcards I send to family and friends and am buying them but sending them from different states as we move so often.  I got into the habit of pinging postcards to my Dad about 10 years ago when the Ukes started touring a lot, it seemed inconceivable that this mad career could continue and it was a nice way to tell him where I was.  I now read with some dismay that sending postcards is making a comeback and is considered “groovy” - I shall be accused of being an ageing hipster.

So after my sleep, I went downstairs to have a drink with the other ukes plus some dinner.  The have a habit in the South (or in Atlanta anyway) of putting orange into their beer as a kind of garnish - its not half bad.  We went to one of the restaurants in the hotel and after a while noticed there was this guy setting up a karaoke machine and starting to play music.  

This turned out to be a very cute family reunion of a New York/Atlanta based African American family who were in party mode and we kind of got subsumed by.  We chatted with them and admired their dancing - a couple of the old guys had terrific Temptations style moves and one of the ladies did an amazing acappella version of Summertime. 

Today we have a mid afternoon gig at the Spivey Hall downtown, which according to our agent Bill is one of the most beautiful venues on the whole tour - I’ll let you know.

I realise that I have not kept you posted on the new airline toilets project with the puppet for which I have done absolutely no filming at all - it looks like I might have lugged all these puppets round the US for nothing!

Maybe on the flight home, we’ll see -



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