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Diary of a Travelling Ukulele Player (part 3) Day 12


Well we arrived yesterday in Bloomington, Indiana - a very funky cosmopolitan university town.

It's the home town of the famous singer and songwriter, Hoagy Carmichael who wrote the most recorded song ever - Stardust which was first performed in beautiful Buskirk-Chumley theatre (see above) during the 1920's and that we were playing in.  

We were put in a very swish Hyatt Hotel a couple of blocks walk form the venue and taken to a fancy restaurant that served fantastic food.

The gig was great with lots of Indiana ukulele players who welcomed us with open arms and gave us a fantastic reception.

Today we have another travel day of travel hell.  We have had a 5am start, a 2 hour bus drive, two flights, another drive, then we'll finish off with a show!  We are all looking a bit like extras from a Spaghetti Western - unshaven and bleary eyed.  We are on our way back to New York State to a place called Troy.  There is some logic to our schedule (as we have just been been in New York a few days ago!) - someone explained it to me over our dinner but my eyes glazed over.


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