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Diary of a Travelling Ukulele Player (part 3) Day 11

The main drag at Muncie, Indiana - near our hotel

We got back on the bus to travel to Bloomington, Indiana after our gig in Muncie - boy, it was a bumpy ride, never sit over the wheel arch on the tour bus kids (rock'n'roll tip no 1)  

The gig last night at the Emens Auditorium, Ball State University was good, another barn - but well attended.  The most notable thing being the number of people openly filming the show and probably the bands favourite moment so far in our tour.

Sitting over the other side of the stage in the front row (I didn't notice him till the end) was an old guy and his son who sat unsmiling and unapplauding throughout the whole show.  It was only when we came back for the encore and ignoring the enthusiastic applause all around him, he started shouting in a progressively louder voice "Hawaiian! Hawaiian".

Despite Will saying to him that we would do some on our next visit (AND we had started the show with that Hawaiian classic "On the Beach at Waikiki") he kept yelling the same thing "Hawaiian! Hawaiian".

I don't want to reinforce cultural stereotypes, but he seemed to have walked straight off the set of a Woody Allen movie, a kind of classic New York wise guy, whose constant yelling of "Hawaiian! Hawaiian" was accompanied by shrugs, pleading gestures, looks of incredulity to his fellow audience members etc.

It was left to Dave and his razor sharp wit to introduce the encore - Should I Stay or Should I Go (by the Clash) which he said "this song is by the Clash - who I understand were very popular in Hawaii!








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