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Deutschen WHAY HAE!

Please excuse the rather laboured headline!  There is a famous Scottish saying "Scots Whay Haye" but we are in Scotland to play to passengers on a German cruise ship called the Europa 2 which is docked in Rosyth, near Edinburgh.

Up early yesterday to catch the plane from London City Airport to Edinburgh.

Our hotel is in the centre and here is the view over Waverley station.

 The guy below woke me up this morning! 

The Edinburgh festival is in full swing - the Ukes were here in 2005 (I think) at the Pleasance Theatre - that seems like a very long time ago!

 The band waiting for our taxi.

 The Forth Bridge under a cloudy sky.

This is the Europa 2 - its enormous and technically, we will be on foreign soil - so we surrender our passports and get a tag before we board - here's Hester with hers.


As usual, the german catering is amazing - this was just the "light snack" before the evening meal!

 Luxurious swimming pool.

 Fully equipped theatre with appropriate 'showbiz' drapes.

 There is another dressing room wall of photos of acts that have played the ship - I particularly liked Mr Rod!


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