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Day 30 Final Show Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you everybody for all the birthday wishes you sent through - I have long ago invented an internet birthday - 25 December (traditionally, the quietest day in the porn industry) 1945 - to avoid giving out too much info online (God knows why - I splurge most of it here). For example, this omelette (top left) - is called a 'Denver' - I asked the breakfast chef to make me an omelette and then chose peppers, onions and ham to go in it, and he said "Oh, you mean a Denver". I guess I do...

This was the last day of our tour, before we fly home (via Chicago) and its been good to be in a hotel in the middle of town, not miles outside. There was a big football game at the stadium the day we arrived, as well as some kind of high school prom, so the hotel was rammed. I think the local football team is called the Cornhuskers (I believe they lost their game).  Lincoln, itself is a pretty cool place.

Got up ridiculously early (5am) and went for a walk around town.

Since it was Sunday, we were playing a matinee show (4pm) with a workshop for local ukulele players at lunchtime.

Walking to the theatre, a block away.

The workshop was fun with people of all ages, coming along to hear more about playing as a group - big ups must go to local ukulele honcho, Bob Deschaine for organising it and all his enthusiasm.

The theatre itself is 'state of the art' and the walls are lined with photos of the heavy hitting big shots who have played here: Sonny Rollins, John Prine, Savion Glover - I did take photos of the photos (but can't be bothered to upload them).

Here we are waiting to go on - it was a great gig to end on, with a highly enthusiastic crowd - the theatre was full to bursting (1865 seats sold!) and we put on a great show. Ewan even did a bit of breakdancing during 'The Old Home Place' - not bad for a forty year old father of two (he told me earlier that every year, bits of his body worked less and less) - dancers really punish their bodies and their career span is generally short - so he acts, choreographs and plays uke more these days.

Relaxing during the interval

'Get out there and play that encore!'

We might be old and tired, playing in theatres and wearing tuxedos - but there still remains a little spark of rock'n'roll rebellion inside - I persuaded Doug (our sound guy) to let me take his pic next to this sign. Right afterwards, we had to go up to a reception with the sponsors: have photos taken, press flesh and cheese it up generally.

They were nice, we were nice, it was pretty nice. 

Well Campers, thats the end of the tour - it'll probably take a week or so to process the whole thing mentally, I've decided that when I get home I'm going to take my hotel pen collection, arrange them in a circle on a baking tray - put them in the oven, and make a giant plastic pendant to commemorate this tour. I've played a lot of concerts, taken a lot of planes and stayed in a lot of hotels, but for the most part its been OK. I've met some nice people, seen some interesting things and eaten pretty well. I have also eaten a phenomenal amount of cheese, and leaving America, I feel truly blessed, and bathe in the warmth, admiration and respect of my fellow professionals, who I know in my heart, love me as a friend and as a colleague. Goodnight, good luck and thank you for reading.





Fabulous blog - enjoyed the ride. Will miss not seeing the Ukes this year though.
Thanks for taking us along for the ride. I enjoyed the backstage view of your journey. Safe travels home!
Lovely piece with which to finish the tour. Better than throwing a TV out of the hotel window...

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