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Cover Band

Woke up at 3am after going out for dinner with some of the Ukes last night and, not being able to get back to sleep, turned on the TV.  I have discovered a New Zealand TV show called "Cover Band" - it is utterly brilliant and I have become addicted to the point of watching half of the first season already on my computer.  I have already downloaded the app so I can watch episodes on the road and possibly in soundcheck (v boring!).

Not sure if you can see episodes outside Australia/New Zealand, but it is a comedy/drama about a band getting close to the big time, failing and then having to go back to the bottom of the heap (as a covers band) - maybe its a harbinger for the future (gulp!).

Yesterday (press day) was pretty gruelling - the band did about 9/10 interviews for various radio stations, one or two tv shows and despite being all very tired (and being asked the same questions again and again - "how did you all get together etc") we did well.

God knows how these Hollywood types do publicity when they have to promote their films - they do 20/30 interviews a day apparently.  I suppose though, they don't have to fly economy and eat boeuf boyoyoing so are a lot more relaxed when they arrive.

This morning I went for a walk round the neighbourhood (Ponsonby) I can't emphasise how great the food is here: the nondescript cafe round the corner, full of hard hatted workmen did a fantastic americano and eggs benedict (it was run by a Vietnamese couple).

The architecture is also charming with low 1930s deco buildings mixed with colonial clapperboard style houses all mixed together - it would make a great film set for a Woody Allen style movie.  It is all slightly reminiscent of what I imagine San Fransisco was like in the 1970's, fun, funky and not too commercialised.  


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