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Cork and home

Sometimes showbiz is very strange, we got to Cork this afternoon (another comfortable trip on the bus - 2.5 hrs, motorways etc) and walked into the hotel and the first person I saw was Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd, sitting quietly with his wife in reception. I briefly caught his gaze and smiled at him which he acknowledged by smiling back (the band had vaguely met him at the Fowey Literary Festival a couple of years ago) and I decided to leave it at that. It is not cool in showbiz to whip out your phone for a selfie, scream OMG Dave! I’ve all your records etc. etc

I did think of the possibility of sneaking a surreptitious long distance photo for you lot, but decided against it (stay classy in Cork).

And so we come to Cork, the final gig of our tour - the very name seems to mock my efforts at sobriety - but I’ve kept the faith. We are off to Germany and Switzerland on thursday next week so I’ll try and keep you updated on our travels.


Oh forgot to mention the gig went well except I got caught napping. I play the intro to the song 'Get Lucky' and for some reason I was a million miles away and looked up to find 850 people staring at me expectantly, plus the 7 other members of the orchestra. Didn't sleep so well the night before so I guess I was in 'power save' mode...oooops!



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