Tony Penultimate

Clinton, Conneticut

Hotel Schmotel

After our gig at the Strathmore Hall, we went straight back to the hotel to get approx four hours sleep:- we had to be up for a 5am call as we had an early flight from DC to Hartford, Conneticut the next day - there was some sadness at not getting to meet friends, Phredd and Paul who came along to see the show (in normal circumstances we hang out a bit in the foyer afterwards).

Gruesome early morning start for the Ukes - 5am - thats living the dream I suppose!

Walking to catch our flight at Ronald Reagan International Airport

I had breakfast with Dave - he is not a happy camper and can't function properly, unless he has potatoes - in the US they come as standard with breakfasts.

Getting on our plane, I spotted the White House in the distance and grabbed a photo. I wonder if the Donald is there or at Mar a Largo....

DC from the air

On arrival, I discovered that there was more misery for me as, not only had the strap on my suitcase bust, but the extending handle that one uses to roll the suitcase along the ground, was also broken and wouldn't extend. I now have to walk in a slight crouch while dragging what looks like a giant blue brick behind me...

Checking in the our hotel, in Clinton

Its a nice hotel, on the shoreline.

Soundchecking at the Town Hall - this was another small gig (maybe 400 people) and free entry as well. I discovered that this was due to an endowment given to the local community which helps support the event. It is called the George Flynn Classical Concerts series.

Of all the swish dressing rooms we've been in, opulent sofas, carpeted floors etc, the Town Hall, Clinton was more basic (its an old building) and we did what we could to get the zeds in before the show.


After the show I went with Dave to meet Jim and Liz Beloff who run Flea Market Music, selling ukuleles and books. They both live in Clinton and were at the concert - we had some dinner together and spent time reminiscing about the ukulele scene. When I first met Jim, eighteen years ago, the ukulele world was a lot smaller and he was one of the few people making a living off it.



Thanks Phredd - next time for sure....
Wow! 3 titans of the uke in one pic!!! Beautiful scenery too. As mentioned last blog, I was sad not to have the chance to say hello after the show, but I totally understand. Hope you catch up on sleep and get a sturdy suitcase replacement!

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