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Cambridge Corn Exchange

I’ve calculated that to play the last 4 gigs, I’ve driven over a thousand miles around the UK and as I’m pretty fed up of being behind the wheel - I’ve decided to take the train to our gig in Cambridge. I had a good kip on the way up as well.
The train from Kent arrives into St Pancras station in London, near Kings Cross and the station is beautiful and elegant, having been refurbished in the noughties, in fact this whole area of London has undergone a remarkable transformation. During the the 80’s the place was a no-no place to go awash with prostitutes, drugs dealers and warehouse parties for London clubbers.

Now it's the hub of Londons tech industry - I would say burgeoning - but no one knows what will happen after Brexit......
Anyway, I spotted the headquarters of Youtube and popped into their shop for a look around (it's the only YT shop in the world according to the girl behind the counter).  We had a chat and I was remarking how many ukulele players were on YT when I spotted this poster.

She's an author and youtuber apparently

We’ve been coming here for more than 10 years, and the Corn Exchange has been refurbished since we were last here.

Cambridge Corn Exchange - the hall

Quick sandwich at St Pancras station

 Stage door at the Corn Exchange

 Jamie (Road Manager) and Doug (Sound)

They’ve got an artist to paint the walls of the stairs with all the famous peeps who’ve played here over the years and there’s quite a roster. Apparently the legendary Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd played his last ever show here).

 Johnny Cash has played there

There most memorable time we played here was when me and Gilly were still living in West London and I was working my regular job in Shoreditch (on the east side of the City of London). It was near Christmas time and we were playing two nights in Cambridge and I decided that I would drive home from each gig - this meant driving my car into work in the morning, to be able to leave work early and then drive straight to Cambridge.

After I’d played the gig, I drove home (2.5 hours) and arrived back at 1am, whereupon I stuck my latch key in the door only to find that Gilly, had left the latch button DOWN (by mistake) so that my key wouldn’t turn. I banged on the door, rang the doorbell, yelled etc: unfortunately she is a heavy sleeper, so despite me using my mobile to ring the home phone several times, there was no response at all!

After 15 minutes of this, there was nothing for it but to head back to my workplace (45 mins) let myself in, and bed down on the office sofa, using my coat for a blanket and have a miserable nights sleep.  

I was just dropping off to sleep (at around 3am) when my mobile rang and I heard Gilly saying:

“Where the bloody hell are you?”

To which the only reply was “I’m at the office!”

We still have a good giggle about it still. 

I wont be blogging the Norwich date on Saturday as I'm taking the family, but I'll see you in Sheffield on the 28th November.


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