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Braunschweig (and the dangers of Rock'n'Roll)

Ukes at Berlin Hauptbahnhof
After our gig at Berlin and a bit of a lie in the next morning (which never works for me as I am still on home time) we went to the train station to Braunschweig, a one and half hour journey.
As it was lunchtime I went to the resturant car to get some food, here's Viola at the bar grabbing a coffee
A traditional internet photograph of food - Enjoy! (I did - and thank you for your interest)
The schedule said that we were playing at the KulturlmZelt Festival in Braunschweig, which turned out to be a kind of circus tent, ot Tipi, as they say in German. It was prettty much of a barn inside, holding at least 1000 people and we had sold it out - Huzzah!
It was mostly cabaret seating at the back with theatre style seats at the front. It had been pissing with rain as soon as we arrived and we thanked the audience at the top of the show for 'bringing the British weather with them!"
The dressing room tents were tiny and on a slope, so water slowly came down the walkways and dribbled in.
The Ukes chow down before the show
The gig was good, and although some of us were pretty tired, we gave it our all. I made a couple of tradional Booke Turner balls ups during the show: in one song while Dave (on my right) was playing his solo, I was whooping and shouting encouragement at completely the wrong person (Richie on my left).
Coming out for the encore, I whipped out my phone to grab a photo, only to find later that the lens was covered in sweat as it was pretty hot and humid in there. I post so many photos of empty theatres (at soundcheck) that some people have suggested this blog is mostly 'fake news' (they're probably right). Once again, at the end of the show we were presented with flowers, a lovely habit which always tears me up (thats enough showbiz sentimentality). Thanks to longtime friend, Eva Hofbauer, who came to see us, brining her tradional gift of chocolates and to Viola for taking care of us. I'm slightly worried about Ben Rouse though - he seems to really be embracing the Rock and Roll lifestyle.


Ha Ha Cheers Phil.....
You may think Dave sits on the right, but I think he sit on the left ;-)

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