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Berliner Luft

It means "Berlin Air" in german and Berlin is famous for its air quality - almost like champagne, there's even a famous song about it! We flew in from Helsinki yesterday, and had a night off - we all went out for a meal and had a nice time drinking beer and eating food.

Waiting at Berlin Hauptbahnhof for the train to Braunschweig the next day (today in other words!)

Will keeps a wary eye out - he knows the sort of pictures I post here.

Its probably not necessary to post a picture of our hotel but what the hell - here you go.


This is the Schloss (castle) where we are playing tonight - it rained during soundcheck earlier and apparently will not rain during the gig........we'll see!

And guess who's on the bill tomorrow night? Mister Rod - the guy in the picture on the dressing room wall of the Europa 2 cruise ship we played in Edinburgh last week (see bottom pic).


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