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The day started badly with the news that the ICE train that would take us from Schweinfurt via Bamburg to Berlin, had been cancelled which meant once again our travel plans had been screwed. I don’t know what has happened to German trains, this is the third or fourth time that we’ve been inconvenienced in this way, and on the day of a gig, it makes it much more stressful.On hearing the bad news about our trainHere we are glumly walking the the station in Schweinfurt to catch an alternate train.Viola (tour manager) suggested getting on the Munich - Hamburg train which passed through Bamburg and Berlin, which is what we took in the end to get to the gig on time, no reservation naturally, it was everyone for themselves.When we arrived at Bamburg, I felt the call from 'the evil one' (Macky Dee's) and went to cop a burger and a cup of coffee accompanied by Dave and Richie and Ben. and they call it the Rock and Roll lifestyle......So what was meant to have been a three hour journey spent relaxing in comfortable seats with occasional visits to the restaurant car. actually turned out to be a difficult journey for me, with intermitent periods sitting in an empty reserved chair before being booted out to go and sit in the corridor (next to the toilets) and contemplate the glamour of being in showbusiness. During one of these lulls - staring at people coming in and out of the toilet, it occurred to me ‘what would Keith Richards do in this situation’ - and the answer came to me in an instant - ‘he would go to the bar’, which I duly did after fighting my way through several carriages with my luggage, where in honour of the old rocker, I downed a Jack Daniels.Arrival in Berlinand straight into taxis to the hotel As we got in the taxi in the pouring rain, I could see in the distance the Reichstag - Berlin has always been good to us - it was here in 2006? that we played our first German gigs at the Bar Jeder Vernuft and later at the Tipi. We would often come and play for a week's residency and have all day to sightsee.  Those days are long gone and we are always on the move now.Arrival at the hotel - with just an hour till we had to be at the theatre, I managed to get in a forty minute power nap. The hotel was within walking distance of the venue thank goodness.And that, my friends ,is the Berlin Konzerthaus in the distance on the right. It is a fantastic place and a quite a step up from a pub gig - we are lucky to be playing in such places. and this is the auditorium - this is our third or fourth time playing here. SoundcheckingViolins for sale on the noticeboard in the Canteen (good food too).

The show was packed and we got our ususal enthusiastic Berlin welcome.  Afterwards we went back to the hotel where we celebrated Hester's birthday - I've got my birthday in April and I'll be spending in on tour......



Thanks Rich!
Reichstag is my favourite Jessie J song....

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