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Beautiful Days and Muddy Feet

I mentioned in my last post about the glories of the British summer and how there is now almost a "season" of festivals, which start in the spring and go through till autumn (almost).  These are followed by lots of people - bands, punters paying to see them, food stalls (usually terrific and tasty) traders selling anything from hippie clothes to bubble machines to kites, genteel and non threatening drug dealers who will "sort you out".

Our last gig was at the Cambridge Folk Festival which was gloriously sunny and so I was very much looking forward to the Beautiful Days festival in Devon near Honiton (set in stunning countryside). I didn't know anything about it, other that it was run by famous 90's crusty legends The Levellers.

The only problem was that it was raining heavily on the day we were playing, a fact I was vaguely aware of, but not too bothered by since we live on the other side of the country.  

The drive from Kent to Devon was a good 4+ hours, which subsequently turned into a 6 hour nightmare drive due to the wet weather!  I also received a text from Hester (bandmate) several hours into the journey letting me know that it was VERY wet and that wellington boots were a must.

On arrival, my wife (the only sensible one in our family) put on her boots, while me and my daughter Poppy and I had to schlep round the festival site in our regular shoes - picture of Poppys ruined shoes above!

The festival site had turned into a cross between Vietnam, during the Tet Offensive and a Medieval Fair, as we gingerly stepped over to the artists enclosure where thankfully, there was a steel mesh floor so our feet didn't get wet.

The gig was a good one with the audience right up for it.  So on to the next one in a week at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival - hope it dosent rain!


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