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Bad Poetry at Breakfast

The English poet William Wordsworth was fond of the Lake District, indeed, it was here that he composed his most famous poem and its good to see that the muse has not been idle - I spotted this gem on our breakfast order form.

Bill 'Rock around the Clock' Haley's mother came from Ulverston, as well as comedian Stan Laurel (of Laurel and Hardy fame) and we've played here several times before, it was a sell out concert and we were enthusiasticly recieved.

Having made the journey from Grassington to Ulverston in the car, we had the chance to look around - Ulverston is a pretty place.

Coronation Hall in Ulverston

Dinner at a pub named after Ulverstons most famous son

After the show we went out for a drink with the promoters at a great little pub where this terrific jazz band were playing, it brought back memories of when the Ukes used to play in pubs - how lucky we are to be playing in theatres. Had a good nights sleep at the B&B and despite my rude comments about the poetry, the breakfast was pretty delicious (Eggs Benedict).  I'm driving home today and I'll be back on Sunday when we play the Deal Festival in Kent......

Untill then campers Adios and Bon Voyage!


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