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We (me and the family) arrived back Sunday (17 Jul) from Turkey after an eventful week’s holiday and as we left the hotel, one of the Club Med guys gave us a little charm which are used in the Mediterranean to ward off evil spirits.

Thank you, by the way for all the concern for us that came via the web, messages etc - you are all very cool....and what charming, hospitable and industrious people the Turks are - I hope the get their tourist industry back on track soon.

So here I am jumping into my sustainable mobility solution to head up to Billericay, Essex to bang on my banjo once more.  We don’t often play uke festivals as we seem to be quite a mainstream act now, so its always good fun to get back to where we started.  This festival is called UkeFest and organiser Matt is making a pretty good fist of it  - there are acts from all over the world and I have spent the afternoon chatting to lots of interesting people.

Here's a picture of some people taking a picture of us (during our soundcheck) and I'm taking one back at them - how's that for childishness?! I'm still amazed by how popular the ukulele still is - I definitely have "imposters syndrome" and am expecting to be back working as a toilet cleaner/dogsbody/supermarket checkout guy anytime soon!

Still there still seems to be lots of "pep" in the scene with Uke manufacturers etc sponsoring the festival are even the local Mayor made an appearance!




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