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Adieu Kitty......

It is with a feeling of melancholy that we set off for a weeks tour of Germany (five shows) after having heard the news that Kitty Lux - co founder of the Ukes and a dear colleague has died.  Whilst she hadn’t toured with us for two years - due to ill health, I will always remember her for her friendship, musicianship, charisma and her feisty personality.
As both a fine musician and a highly literate person, she was responsible to a large extent for the success of the band -  it was her proud boast that no UOGB gig had ever lost money.
I often felt while she performed, that she typified, more than any of us, the essence of the band: understated but superb singing, deadpan humour and what she liked to refer to as ‘the darkness’!
In retrospect, as the co founder of the band (along with George) she probably toured more than was good for her health. Even when she suffered with kidney problems, she would insist on taking her portable dialysis machine on tour - not without humorous results.  On one tour of Sweden, she discovered that her hotel room had no plugs to power her machine and the cable had to be run into a socket in the corridor.  The hotel manager made a sign in Swedish to place on the floor next to the plug saying DO NOT REMOVE!
I will miss her - while she often affected a sort of world weariness, like some kind of musical Mother Hen trying to keep together her mad brood, I think she was secretly very proud of all we had achieved as a band.



So, so sad. A lovely tribute to her Peter. I so enjoyed her performances - beautifully controlled and poignant with a great sense of fun. Much love to all. X
So sorry to hear about the loss of Kitty. I'll always remember her as I remember you all, making us laugh, month after month at Cecil Sharp House. Long live the UOoGB and long live the memory of Kitty Lux! Please pass my condolences to all the UOoGB family. You're a fabulous bunch. Phil
Very sad news but a lovely, well written tribute.
Touring with a portable dialysis machine!. She was one tough cookie. I never knew she had health problems of course. From the audience side of the stage she was just pure serenity. One cool cat! My thought are with you all.
Thank you everybody for the comments - she was truly a special lady and will be very much missed......
Lovely sentiments. Well written, Peter.
I had the pleasure of hearing her and meeting Kitty with the band in 2013 here in Amsterdam. RIP XXX
What a lovely tribute to Kitty. We saw her perform live with the rest of the UOGB several times before her ill health stopped her. What wonderful memories and cd's we have of Kitty and her talent.
Thanks for posting the news, Peter. Rest in peace, Kitty. I never got to see you in person, but I thoroughly enjoyed your presence in videos and recordings.
Thanks for sharing these thoughts about Kitty, Peter. Sweet photo of her as well. My thoughts are with all of you. Safe travels.
Lovely to read this Peter. Much admiration for Kitty, and even more having read your tribute.Thoughts are with you all. xx
Goodbye, Kitty. Condolences to the band members and those close to her. A beautiful person, and a great talent.
I'm so sorry, i've seen the UOGB for the first time in Caldogno (Italy) with Kitty, for the second time in Guildford always with Kitty and others many time (but without her). She was a great voice.

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