Tony Penultimate

A Screamer in Letterkenny

post gig signing and photos

Last nights show was good - we’d all rested after the mad rush of the first day and, as Doug our sound engineer says, the second day’s show is always better. Letterkenny, where we played is a bit of a non descript town (no offence) but the audience was really enthusiastic. 


Our show however, was constantly interrupted by an audience member who kept shouting out in the breaks “I love you”, “take me with you” etc etc.  All fairly charming until the fourth or firth time when it starts to become a distraction for the audience. We subsequently found out in the interval that she was harmless and slightly on the spectrum, she was also being chaperoned and so she quietened down a little in the second half.


Today, we are in the middle of a four hour drive to Galway for the next show - its raining outside, but I am passing the time thoroughly enjoying the US comedy podcast WTF which features Billy Crystal - what an amazing showbiz life he has had.  



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