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A Long Days Journey into a Hard Days Night!

We have arrived for a short tour of Finland and Germany, starting off with a gig in Tampere.  I like Finland, my dad used to work here when he was a diplomat and the Finns are a proud and independent people. Their language is totally impenetrable and not related to any other European language (except possibly Hungarian) - I know one word - Kitos - “thank you”. Our promoter Rowan is a great guy - he’s about 25 years younger than the rest of us and a cricket mad South African who married a Finnish girl and ended up here.  He is a terrific source of outrageous stories about badly behaved bands on the road as he has done a lot of tour managing. When we first toured here I asked him what sort of music the Finns like and he said there were three types - “Metal Metal and Metal” and its true, the Finns have the highest ratio of metal bands per head of the population (Turkey has the lowest).

He promotes a lot of Death Metal and then he promotes us!

We are playing in an open air arena which holds about 900 people in a wooded area next to a lake in Tampere. The journey getting here yesterday was tiring: a two hour flight out from Gatwick in the morning at 9.45, followed by a two hour drive from Helsinki to Tampere, followed by the gig. Rock'n'Roll (or whatever you want to call it) is a young guys game and I am certainly getting older - I slept a straight 11 hours last night after the show. I am now typing this on the two hour bus journey back to Helsinki, where we will get a flight to Berlin to continue our tour. More soon amigos





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