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A Little Girl Launches a Ship

Three generations of Hendersons: Wilfred (father) Hazel (daughter) and Frederick (grandfather)

A year ago, my nephew Tom, who studies at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, emailed me a link to a news story about a fire at a well known landmark on the Clyde, called Scotway House, in Meadowside, Glasgow. The building had long been derelict and I had been familiar with it ever since I looked at the eerie photos of the interiors on the urban exploration site Transient Places while researching my mums family history.

Having had a layoff the past month from playing/blogging, it seemed like a good time to plough through some more family memorabilia (of which there is a lot) and see if I could find anything to put online and keep things ticking over. Going through an old album of photos belonging to my mum, I came across these pics of when she was five (1930) and I vaguely remember her telling me that she had once launched a ship.

The ship here was called the 'Prestatyn Rose', which from what I have been able to learn was a pretty ordinary frieghter. Since her forebears had built ships on the Clyde for many generations, I guess it was one of the perks for the family to launch them now and again. 


Here's the ship going down the slipway into the water, in 1953 the ship was sold by its owners and renamed the 'Lancresse' and finally broken up in Bruges in 1962.

Here's the ship later in life arriving in Jersey as the Lancresse (photo courtesy



Thank you Karin
Interesting story of your family, worth remembering and investigating,thank you, Peter!

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