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A Gardening Year in 1949

While rooting around in some family memorabilia, I came across this very cute little painted calendar of my grandmother (Henderson) gardening throughout the year of 1949 at her house in Oban in Scotland. Its inspiring to see someone enjoying fresh air and fags as much as she did, good to get away from all that colour supplement gardening nonsense - see if you can see how many pictures she's puffing in - clue - more than you think (she also uses a cigarette holder)

Interestingly, I think this calendar syncs in with the dates in 2016!

I'm not sure who to credit the authorship of the pictures? It seems to be someone called Jana - possibly a family friend. October is my favourite!

a beautiful dream 

getting down to it 


 a typical April in Scotland

a flower show 



now thats cute 


bonfire burning 




and here she is (on the left - Grandma Henderson) and on the right, my mum as a teenager, by the same artist. 


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