Tony Penultimate

Hello - I'm Peter Brooke Turner of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - I laugh, sing, drive a car, play the ukulele and raise a family - not necessarily in that order.  As you can see from the picture I'm a fairly tall person (6'8") and I like to play my ukulele on the beach (British beaches are cold, so no Hawaiian shirt!)

I write and release songs under the pseudonym Tony Penultimate, my latest album "Adventures in Gibberish" can be listened to by clicking that thingy on the right, other albums are on soundcloud - of course you can always BUY these albums on iTunes 

I try to push out new stuff through my youtube channel and I also blog on tour so check those out.  I sometimes make short films in airplane toilets via the Airline Toilets Theatre Company (ATTC).

If you want to LEARN the ukulele I've put a beginners lesson up to get you started.

It's a pretty quiet place my website, if you like or want to use any of the music here please let me know!