Tony Penultimate

Hello - I'm Peter Brooke Turner of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - I laugh, sing, drive a car, play the ukulele and raise a family - not necessarily in that order. 

I also write and release songs under the pseudonym Tony Penultimate, which you can find and listen to online. 

On 13th April 2014 I released a new album "Adventures In Gibberish" which is available digitally through all the usual places (itunes, amazon, Google Play etc) as well as through the Ukulele Orchestras site and CD Baby.

You can listen to it on Soundcloud 

It's the third solo album (and more of the same) from Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain member and self styled tallest ukulele player in the world, Peter Brooke Turner -  AKA Tony Penultimate.

Produced by Andy Hamill (no, me neither) and mixed by Christopher Lewis (is this my stop?)

Written, arranged and sung almost entirely in hotel rooms around the globe, while touring with the UOGB, Adventures In Gibberish features many extraneous sounds (room service, hoovering, air conditioning) as well as musical saw, mandolin and tuba.

Additional parts were emailled in by musicians; one track “The Magic Inappropriate” features musicians from 3 different continents, all who have yet to meet Tony Penultimate. 

Tony’s tortured baritone features throughout (in all styles, in all keys, your honor) and is counterbalanced by the sweet sounds of Rebecca Hollweg and Elizabeth McCall.

Stand out tracks include “I Love Your New Album” - an anthem for indifferent record reviewers

Why Did Elvis Cry” - a Maudlin, Mexican, mescaline drenched ballad.  

Looks Like The Swinging Sixties Are Here To Stay” - a Bob Dylan biblical spoof

The Book The Rose And The Revolver” - the greatest hit Frank Sinatra never had.

 The sole cover, “Blackpool” from Vic Godard and Irvine “Trainspotting” Welsh’s musical of 2002, features banjolele virtuoso Andy Eastwood.

 ADVENTURES IN GIBBERISH is a document of a middle aged man slowly losing his mind from constant touring, listening to too much of his daughters Disney albums and losing 50% of his hearing in his left ear while getting out of the bath a few years ago.

 It was a lot of fun to make!

ADVENTURES IN GIBBERISH was released on 13 April 2014 and is available though itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, www.ukulele and